discharge nozzle

discharge nozzle
выпускной клапан
выходной клапан

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  • discharge nozzle — In a carburetor, the end of the main delivery tube that discharges fuel into the venturi area. See main mixture discharge nozzle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • mixture discharge nozzle — See main mixture discharge nozzle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • nozzle — A thin hollow tube; a jet or hole at the end of a pipe. See fuel injector nozzle injector nozzle main mixture discharge nozzle multi hole nozzle pintaux nozzle pintle nozzle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • discharge — [1] The action of drawing electric current from the battery. The opposite action to charging. [2] to pour out liquid from a pump. [3] the product (e.g., the liquid) that is poured out of a pump. [4] To bleed some or all of the refrigerant from a… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • nozzle drip — Air rushing by the venturi at idle can cause fuel to drip from the discharge nozzle for the main metering circuit …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • main mixture discharge nozzle — The jet through which the gasoline and air is fed into the carburetor barrel where it becomes the air/fuel mixture …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • radial discharge nozzle — Booster venturi with four spokes or arms which carry fuel to the outer circumference of the booster before discharging it from tiny holes in the ends of the spokes. Used only on the Corvair Model H carburetor …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Discharge coefficient — In a nozzle or other constriction, the discharge coefficient (also known as coefficient of discharge) is the ratio of the mass flow rate at the discharge end of the nozzle to that of an ideal nozzle which expands an identical working fluid from… …   Wikipedia

  • nozzle — i. A duct, tube, pipe, spout, or the like through which a fluid is directed and discharged from its open end. It is designed to meter the fluid or to produce a desired direction, velocity, or shape of discharge. Specifically, in gas turbine… …   Aviation dictionary

  • discharge check ball — In a carburetor, a small check ball that lifts off its seat when the pump well is pressurized by the accelerator pump, which allows fuel to be discharged into the venturi through the shooter nozzle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • simplex fuel nozzle — A type of fuel discharge nozzle in gas turbine engines, which is fed from a single fuel manifold …   Aviation dictionary

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